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100% natural soaps

Try, if you haven't already, goat's milk soaps and feel the power of nature on your skin.

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100% natural goat milk products

Handmade goat's milk products for all skin types.

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100% natural goat milk products
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100% Prirodno

It's no secret that goat's milk soap has a beneficial effect on the skin. Its qualities have been known since ancient times, and it is even speculated that Cleopatra bathed in goat milk (not or alongside donkey milk) to preserve her youthful appearance.

Science has indeed proven that products based on goat's milk have many properties that help your skin to be healthy and cared for. Goat's milk soap has healing properties that primarily help in the treatment of skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, and pimples. And even if there is no skin problem, this soap keeps your skin hydrated and healthy.

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When we were choosing the ingredients that we could combine with goat's milk, the first condition was that it is of natural origin, and the second was that in that combination it gives phenomenal results for the skin.


All Kozica soaps are part of complete protection and prevention. Whether you choose the addition of honey, mint, an exfoliating variant, or the simplest goat soap, goat's milk, its main ingredient, will help your skin always look healthy, while reducing the number of bacteria that would remain on the epithelium.

Premium soap

Made according to a special recipe. The queen among natural oils, hemp oil in combination with liquid gold (argan oil) and fresh goat's milk give the skin softness and a radiant glow throughout the day. By combining these three ingredients, your skin gets an inexhaustible source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, magnesium, zinc, calcium and vitamins A, B and E.


Soap with added mint is intended for people with oily and problematic skin. Mint has an antiseptic effect, thoroughly cleans the pores, tightens and naturally nourishes the skin.

Piling soap

Exfoliating soap with goat's milk will clean your skin, remove dead cells, and allow the skin to breathe normally. It will restore the glow and elasticity of the skin.

Soap without additives

Goat's milk by itself makes the skin hydrated and soft because the skin absorbs it immediately and remains soft, smooth, and elastic for a longer period. This milk contains proteins, fatty acids, and glycerin which contribute to its excellent moisturizing properties.


Soap with the addition of honey has antibacterial properties and reduces infections, which is why it is excellent and very effective as a natural remedy that helps us treat acne and pimples. Honey acts like a vacuum cleaner when it comes to impurities in our pores, leaving skin glowing and clean.

Children's soaps

The first children's soap was made from goat's milk with the addition of sage in this area. It is intended for bathing children, whose skin is very sensitive and delicate, but also for adults with problematic and dry skin.

A small craft of soap making, its subtle scent is clean and refreshing. The soap is 100% natural and for all skin types.

Petar i Pavle Stevanović

family business owners

Natural products

From goat's milk, with love,
Just for you.