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Our story

The goat is a ruminant and feeds exclusively on coarse, bulky food.
Compared to cows and sheep, goats use more different plants in their diet (cattle use only 17 different plants, sheep 20, and goats as many as 90).
According to the type and amount of food eaten, goats are called the "most ecological" domestic animal.
Ishrana zelenilom je posebno povoljna radi povećanja mlečnosti kod koza. Koze tokom dana mogu pojesti i do 14kg zelene mase.

100% Natural

Soaps and other products
with goat's milk

Goat soaps do not contain detergents, alcohols, dyes, and parabens. Essential oils are sometimes added for fragrance, as well as coconut or almond oil. The fats present in goat's milk enhance the moisturizing properties of the soap.


The first goat was Rosa

The first steps of our beginnings and the development of our company took place in 2010, when A middle-aged couple amid a major economic crisis and losing their jobs left the city for the countryside to start their own business. To begin with, of course, we started from scratch, we bought five goats and started processing milk. People recognized the quality of our products and very quickly there was an expansion of production capacity, the construction of a new production plant and the release of new items on the market.

Vrste proizvoda
Goat Rosa

All natural
made with love.

Today, the company Petros Pavlos Sztr has 11 items in its portfolio, as well as the tendency for further expansion, i.e. production. The current production capacity is around 40,000 soaps and 10,000 creams per month. The quality of our products is reflected in the fact that all items are handmade, our products are 100% natural, and do not contain any harmful substances that can endanger human health (paraben, paraffin, etc.) Namely, it should be noted that from our farms milk and raw materials reach the final product. With our staff, we managed to produce the following products with our own unique technology, which we present under the "Kozica" brand: Kozica face and body cream - Almond Kozica face and body cream - Marigold Kozica face and body cream - Coconut Prawn soap 75 gr - Mint Prawn soap 75 gr - Honey Prawn soap 75r - Peeling Prawn soap 75 - Milk Kozica premium soap Argan and Hemp 75 gr Children's soap with Chamomile 75gr Children's soap Sage 75 gr Kozello lip balm.

Natural products

Production process

The production process is reflected in three parts: preparation of basic ingredients for the production process, manual production of products, packaging, and distribution. In the preparation of the basic ingredients, we collect fresh goat's milk from our farm, squeeze it, and send it for further processing. The manual production of products is reflected in the fact that each segment of production passes through the hands of our hardworking workers so that the final product is to the taste of the customers.

Brand ''Kozica''

The most important group of our products, which make up 70% of our sales and turnover, and are also the trademark of our company, are goat's milk soaps. The brand "Kozica" has been completely dermatologically tested and chemically tested at the Center for Public Health in Kragujevac.