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Natural ingredients
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Natural ingredients


All Kozica soaps are part of complete protection and prevention. Whether you choose the addition of honey, mint, an exfoliating variant, or the simplest goat soap, goat's milk, its main ingredient, will help your skin always look healthy, while reducing the number of bacteria that would remain on the epithelium. Goat facial soap stands out as a soap with a natural structure, which prevents drying of the skin. if you are prone to flaking or itching due to wind, cold, and other influences, goat soap can be a lifesaver. With regular use, the skin becomes hydrated and more resistant to external influences.

Natural soaps for all skin types


Kozica soaps are obtained by the so-called cold process, which is quite different from traditional soap production. This process can be simpler, but care must be taken to use all the ingredients in proportion. There are solid-shaped molds into which the mixture is inserted, which remains there for 24 hours after pouring. After the completion of saponification, when the soap has cooled, it is removed from the mold. In order for the pH value to decrease and for the soap to be of high quality, it should be left out of the mold for 40 to 60 days.

Natural ingredients


Rich in antioxidants responsible for skin cell renewal, honey has unique properties that make it an ideal ingredient for goat soap and anti-wrinkle cream. Because of the vitamin A it contains, honey is an excellent ingredient that rejuvenates the skin and makes it fresh and hydrated. Due to its rich content of antioxidants, it is an excellent tool in the fight against freckles and spots, whether they are the result of age or exposure to the sun.

Preimum soap

With argan and hemp oil

Made according to a special recipe. The queen of natural oils, hemp oil in combination with liquid gold (argan oil) and fresh goat's milk gives the skin softness and a radiant glow throughout the day. By combining these three ingredients, your skin gets an inexhaustible source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, magnesium, zinc, calcium, and vitamins A, B, and E.

Children's soaps

With sage and chamomile

Production process

100% natural goat milk products

The production process is reflected in three parts: preparation of basic ingredients for the production process, manual production of products, packaging, and distribution. In the preparation of the basic ingredients, we collect fresh goat's milk from our farm, squeeze it, and send it for further processing. Part of the goat's milk is processed into cheese and whey, and the other part, about 50%, is used for cosmetics. The manual production of products is reflected in the fact that each segment of production passes through the hands of our hardworking workers so that the final product is to the taste of the customers.

Preparation of basic ingredients
Manual production
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Packaging and distribution
Natural ingredients

Making creams

The production of 100% natural creams is reflected in the exact measurement of the ingredients that make up the cream (carbopol gel, lanolin, beeswax, cocoa oil, olive oil, calendula oil, and almond oil), all of which we turn into one unit with the help of an emulsifier so that the cream is hydrating. and ready to use.

carbopol gel


Bees wax


Cocoa, olive, calendula and almond oil.

Natural ingredients


When choosing a daily face cream, it is very important to pay attention to your skin type, so you can usually choose between options for dry and sensitive or for normal and mixed skin.
Uzmite u obzir takođe da se koža vremenom menja, tako da u jednoj fazi života možete imati masnu, a već u drugoj, mešovitu ili osetljivu kožu, što zahteva potpuno drugačiju negu.
Najbolja dnevna krema za lice ima strukturu koja omogućava porama da nesmetano dišu, vrlo brzo se apsorbuje i ne ostavlja masne tragove, što se najlakše postiže uz pomoć prirodnih sastojaka.

Day cream with calendula and oil

This discreet yet powerful oil is extracted from the petals of the calendula flower, known for its bright orange or red color. The strong color comes from flavonoids, a group of compounds that, in addition to giving flowers their color, also act as antioxidants.

Moisturizing cream with almond oil

Unlike chemical compounds, almond oil is mildly extracted directly from the seeds of sweet almonds. That is why they are the most natural way to maintain the beauty and elasticity of the skin. Creams based on this oil are easy to apply and easily absorbed by the skin. This helps to maintain the balance and moisture of the skin, as well as to reduce minor irritations such as. itching, dry skin, psoriasis, and eczema. Ideal for sunny days, when the skin of the face dries out further.